Catholic Sunday and Feast Day Readings

For each Sunday and Feast day of the year, we provide, in many languages, the respective readings and gospels (according to the cycle of readings used in the Catholic church) as well as short contemplative tracts.

The texts are in the pdf-format (approx. 50kB). To be able to read or download it, you will require an Acrobat Reader. You can print out each page in A4 format.

For practical purposes we recommend that a print-out of the texts be reduced (from A4>A5) and printed on both sides of the paper, so that you have a handy final product that you can bring either for
your own use at the Mass service or can put out at a service for your visitors in the church.

If you require several languages, it is better to use a separate colour sheet for each language.

Should you require other texts not currently Online, or find mistakes, please contact us.

Our archives are undergoing expansion. Please be aware that not all Sundays and Holy Days are as yet available online.

We are happy to be able to offer you information and assistance for your work free of charge. The preparation of these extensive materials, however, does require substantial financial resources and hours of paid staff work. We would, therefore, be very grateful, if you could express your appreciation for our efforts with a donation. Many thanks!

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