What is Tourismuspastoral/Tourismusseelsorge?
(Pastoral Care of Tourism)

Today‘s travellers and tourists have different needs and longings.
Other people take it upon themselves to meet these needs in terms of the comprehensive hospitality these travellers receive.
How does the church, the image of "God‘s people wandering through time and space" – a firm part of its identity from the beginning – be aware of and address the basic questions that concern and perplex humankind, and working seriously and creatively in an attempt to find and implement the answers?
It is the total well-being (spiritual, emotional as well as physical) of the traveller that is of real concern to the Pastoral Care of Travellers and Tourists.

The office for pastoral care of Tourism is a diocesan office integrated in the department for the pastoral care for different categories of people in extraordinary professions or situations. It is the centre for planning, initiating ideas, coordination, cooperation, aid and advice.

Vienna's Pastoral Care of Tourism is a part of the Austria Committee for Pastoral Care of Tourism within the Austrian Pastoral Institute.

This is an organization within the Austrian Bishop‘s Conference. Its goals and tasks are to advice the Austrian Bishop‘s Conference in matters of pastoral care. Its aims is to answer specific concerns in a variety of situations that will provide for the total well-being of the traveller.

The work of the Pastoral Care of Tourism is based upon the advice provided by the "Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People"
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On June 2nd, 2013, we celebrated the "30 years of the Vienna Tourist Chaplaincy under the leadership of Fr. Joe Farrugia". Here are some impressions of our celebration.